In The Hands Of The Fans
terms & rules

On Friday September 3rd 2010, Iggy & the Stooges are performing RAW POWER at All Tomorrow's Parties in Monticello, New York.

You - the fans - will be shooting the concert film, coming out soon on DVD, Bluray, and digital stores everywhere.

Here's how it works:
1) shoot a video of yourself asking Iggy & The Stooges a question about RAW POWER
2) Read the submission rules & post it to this website 
3) The fans and Iggy & the Stooges select 6 winners to film the Concert!
 **Contest Winners must provide their own transportation and lodging to this event.


The Contest

  1. Contestants must be at least 18 years of age in order to participate
  2. Contestants post a video no more than 3 minutes in length to IN THE HANDS OF THE FANS.  The posted video must be shot on a camera provided by the Contestant and be the same camera that the Contestant will use to film the concert. The Contestants must be in possession of a handheld video camera with the technical ability to capture HD video at 1080p, 1080i, or 720p resolutions.  Acceptable video recording formats include HDV, Quicktime, AVCHD, AVCCAM, DVC PRO HD or another “prosumer” level video recording format.  Contestants must provide the specifics on the model of the camera they intend to use, its recording format, and provide enough tapes or digital memory to be able to record at least 3 hours of footage.  Contestants must own 100% of the material posted and understand that by submitting the video they waive and transfer all rights to the video to IN THE HANDS OF THE FANS.
  3. The video should contain the contestant asking Iggy & the Stooges interview questions, or demonstrating why they would be the best contestant to film the performance.
  4. Contestants should share the web site with their friends and promote their work
  5. The public will vote on the Contestants and select Finalists.  Iggy & the Stooges along with management shall select 6 Contest Winners, ranked 1 through 6.
  6. The Contest Winners shall receive 1 ticket each to the Iggy & the Stooges performance at All Tomorrow’s Parties festival in Monticello, NY, Sept 3rd, 2010.  The Contest Winners must provide for their own transportation and lodging to this event. Contestants must arrive to the venue 3 hours prior to the performance to receive direction for the production.
  7. The Contest Winners are encouraged to film themselves preparing for the Concert including their journey to the concert, and shall submit this footage to be used in the FINAL EDIT.

The Concert & the Interview

  1. The Contest Winners pick their Camera Position according to their ranking (1 through 6)
  2. The Contest Winners will film the entire performance of Iggy & The Stooges – RAW POWER, and shall submit the tapes or digital memory cards to IN THE HANDS OF THE FANS immediately following the performance.
  3. The Contest Winners will pick 2 songs each and interview Iggy & The Stooges about those two songs immediately following the performance.
  4. The Contest Winners are encouraged to film themselves departing the event, and shall submit this footage to be used in the FINAL EDIT
  5. All of the materials submitted by the Contestants and The Contest Winners may be used in the FINAL EDIT of IN THE HANDS OF THE FANS.


The Final Edit

  1. All Contestants’ materials may be included in the Final Edit or as Bonus Materials in the DVD or BluRay.
  2. All Contestants shall receive an exclusive offer to order the BluRay, DVD, CD or Vinyl at 25% off of the Suggested Retail Price and receive an exclusive Iggy & the Stooges – In the Hands of the Fans poster, AND receive their order 2 weeks before the official US release date of the aforementioned materials.
  3. Each Contest Winner receives a DVD or Bluray or DVD and poster completely free of charge.

Waiver of rights
I hereby confirm that I am the sole owner of the materials that I am submitting for IN THE HANDS OF THE FANS.  No third parties can claim ownership or any stake in the materials which I am submitting.  By submitting this video to IN THE HANDS OF THE FANS I hereby claim waive any and all rights to the materials and understand fully that this video may be used in the final edit of IN THE HANDS OF THE FANS or used in any way by IN THE HANDS OF THE FANS.