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Turning Point  DVD

Frustrated by ethic prejudice and family pressure, a misguided playboy chooses an arranged foreign bride over true love.

SKU# MVD7683D Street Date: 09/29/15 Run Time: 102 min  SRP: $14.95 
UPC: 760137768395 Prebook Date: 08/25/15 Genre: Drama  Label: EYEFilm Releasing

The Sadist  DVD

A combat veteran, with serious psychological damage, stalks campers and hunters in the woods.

Jack Bird (Frank Wihbey) is your average college student from Hometown, USA. He loves his classic car, his girl, and hunting with his Uncle Wil (Santo Fazio). On their yearly outing, things take a turn for the worse when a sadistic mad man (Tom Savini) who has escaped from the local psychiatric hospital decides to make Jack and Uncle Wil part of his deadly game of cat and mouse.

SKU# MVD7682D Street Date: 10/27/15 Run Time: 75:14 min  SRP: $14.95 
UPC: 760137768296 Prebook Date: 09/22/15 Genre: Horror  Label: EYEFilm Releasing

The 9th  DVD

An exquisite jazz pianist plays out a story of surreal intrigue and horrific brutality in this neo noir whodunit.

A lawyer and his wife stiff through painful conversations, at a residents only champagne party; with a dark and bewildering author, a flirtatious fiance, a Machiavellian psychiatrist, an artist with a blank canvas, and a neglected son and his group of youthful friends who seem as out of place as the furnishings.

SKU# MVD7710D Street Date: 11/10/15 Run Time: 72 min  SRP: $9.95 
UPC: 760137771098 Prebook Date: 09/22/15 Genre: Mystery/Thriller  Label: EYEFilm Releasing

Breaking: Los Angeles  DVD

A provocative look at the record industry, where creative brilliance is pitted against a crumbling infrastructure.

A candid, provocative look at the challenges and dilemmas musicians confront when trying to break into the famed LA recording industry where creative brilliance is tested by an industry consumed by raw capitalism and rampant file-sharing.

SKU# MVD6607D Street Date: 11/04/14 Run Time: 59:03 min  SRP: $19.95 
UPC: 760137660798 Prebook Date: 09/30/14 Genre: Alternative/Punk  Label: EYEFilm Releasing

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