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Predator - Born In Blood  CD

The future of metal is PREDATOR and Born In Blood is a masterpiece.

Born In Blood is Predator's second album. Recorded in only 24 hours, it captures Predator in even finer moments than their debut. Without a trace of doubt, this is the only band that can rival Metallica for the throne of metal greatness and win it! The album sizzles with amazing metal gems certain to satiate metal heads all over the world. Opening with "Days Without Rain," this new album is relentless with power, might, and amazing musical creativity that echoes in one's head longer after the first listen. The future of metal is PREDATOR and Born In Blood is a masterpiece.

SKU# GOT36580 Street Date: 07/12/11 Run Time: 41 min  SRP: $11.95 
UPC: 7152036580711 Pre-Book Date: 06/07/11 Genre: Metal  Label: God Of Thunder

Predator - Predator  CD/DVD

Clever and intelligent thrash--the new breed of metal.

Predator's self-titled debut release is fully packed with high energy thrashers. Their lyrics are thought provoking works of poetry that will leave you feeling or thinking more about life.Their song,Icon, was recently featured in Metal Edge's CD Sampler. Together,all 5 members of PREDATOR are a force in the heavy metal world that simply cannot be denied. You will never hear nonsense songs here about evil or anger,self-loathing and depression from these boys. These amazing songs are positive songs of strength, the world, and feelings of self reliance and self worth. This is REALITY METAL.This release contains a CD and DVD.

SKU# AMG23762 Street Date: 06/16/09 Run Time: 40 min min  SRP: $15.95 
UPC: 805019237627 Pre-Book Date: 05/12/09 Genre: Metal  Label: Arctic Music Group

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