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Product Details

  • An MVD Exclusive
  • Format: CD
  • SKU: TOX015CD
  • UPC: 885767141315
  • Street Date: 02/19/13
  • PreBook Date: 01/15/13
  • Label: KAOTOXIN »
  • Genre: Metal
  • Run Time: 31:31 mins
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • Year of Production: 2012
  • Box Lot: 30
  • Territory: NORTH AMERICA


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Ad Patres - Scorn Aesthetics

High-Class Brutal Death Metal debut full-length with Seth member

Ad Patres - Scorn Aesthetics
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In days the Metal scene is invaded with styles and bands where many value appearance over musicianship, it would be easy to forget that intensity and power are the roots upon which was built Death Metal. AD PATRES deals with refreshing the memory of amnesiacs. The will to perpetuate the spirit of original Death Metal led Alsvid, drummer and founder of the legendary French Black Metal band SETH, who also officiated in various bands such as ENTHRONED, or FORNICATION to surround himself with cronies sharing this point of view. The intent is nowhere near making a tribute band or simply accumulating old-school clichés, but to bring in fresh blood, stirring up a hornets' nest. The first recording, released late 2010, produced by GOROD's mastermind, allowed the band to quickly immerge, making big impression and that EP led AD PATRES to play 2011's HellFest as well as many other gigs all around France. Unleashing torrents of ear-catching riffs at high tempo sustained by floods of blast beats and double bass, AD PATRES provides its efficient and direct neck breaking brutality on your numb ears. When most people tend to put barriers between genres, even in extreme styles of music, such as Death Metal or Black Metal, it's hard to believe for the same people how much a musician that has been known and renewed for being part of some of the most prestigious Black Metal bands from France since almost 17 years can have a clear vision of what the perfect Death Metal album could be. Anyway, that's the prowess Alsvid just made with founding AD PATRES, teaming with members or ex-members of Withdrawn or I.O.S.T., and releasing « Scorn Aesthetics », the band's debut full-length. Not only is AD PATRES releasing one of the most impressive debut full-length to date but, as all the live reports already said it: this band is made for the stage. Kingdoms are gonna be taken, heads are gonna roll and AD PATRES are gonna be crowned!

Track Listing

  • ...
  • The lock
  • Scars of compromise
  • Circles of red
  • To the fathers
  • Scorn aesthetics
  • In vivo
  • Emphasize nihility
  • Anti
  • All that remains

Sales Points

  • Featuring past and present Seth, Enthroned, , Withdrawn and IOST members
  • Produced ad BUD Studios (Gorod...)
  • Played 2011's HellFest
  • Artwork by Svartwerk

Press Quotes

Plenty of excellent moments within this half an hour assault

     —Raw Nerve, http://www.rawnervezine.co.uk/music-reviews/ad-pat

From start to finish this is an effective and adrenaline fueled dose of grueling Death Metal savagery

     —Destructive Music, http://destructive-music.com/?p=3915

An uncompromising debut of destructive Death Metal

     —Forbidden Magazine, https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=4377881196

This debut record is in fact the proof of what modern extreme music can really do for the underground scene.

     —Brutalism, http://www.brutalism.com/content/ad-patres-scorn-a

A solid and sadistic introduction to their manic violence

     —From the Dust Returned, http://autothrall.blogspot.fr/2012/08/ad-patres-sc


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