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Product Details

  • An MVD Exclusive
  • Format: DVD
  • SKU: MVD5540D
  • UPC: 760137554097
  • Street Date: 12/11/12
  • PreBook Date: 10/16/12
  • Label: SEMINAL FILMS »
  • Genre: Horror
  • Run Time: 96 mins
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • Audio: STEREO
  • Year of Production: 2012
  • Director: Tom Conyers
  • Producers: Mark White
  • Actors: Anna Burgess, Clint Dowdell, Colin MacPherson, Lee Mason
  • Box Lot: 30
  • Territory: NORTH AMERICA


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The Caretaker

When Vampirism sweeps across the world, who can you trust?

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  • List Price: $19.95  
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KANG Tae-sik, a former cop who was once the best man on the force, is now an infamous private detective who handles all kinds of dirty work from catching philanderers to collecting people's debts. One day, KANG takes on a job that requires him to collect evidence in an adultery case. He arrives at the hotel room and as usual he gets ready to catch two people in the act, but instead, he finds himself looking over a dead woman's body. He grasps the magnitude of his problem when he sees a recorded video of the actual murder on a TV monitor and realizes that all the evidence, fingerprints and CCTV cameras would pinpoint him as the murderer. KANG receives an anonymous phone call from the man who framed him. In exchange for clearing up his name, KANG is ordered to kidnap a big-shot witness of a major criminal case. Though KANG tries hard to escape, the caller is well prepared for every move that KANG makes. KANG is left without any choice but to follow the caller's orders, though it's the caller who soon realizes that he has messed with the wrong man.


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Sales Points

  • A two-page feature article on the film with ten stills will appear in the French horror magazine L'Ecran Fantastique.
  • Winner of 'Best International Film' and 'Best Special Visual Effects' at Buffalo Screams Horror Film Festival
  • Social Media campaign promoting the film to fans on Facebook, Twitter, and more via splash page, contests, commenting, etc.
  • Official Selection: Revelation Perth International 2012
  • National Publicity Campaign targeting the top 100+ horror and film writers in the country.
  • Winner of 'Best Feature Film': DC Independent Film Festival, Seattle True Independent Film Festival

Press Quotes

Australia has a pretty kick-ass vampire film on the way in The Caretaker.

     —Doctor Gash , DREAD CENTRAL

The Caretaker is a horror film that I would recommend not only to horror fans, but also to movie fans in general. The film looks good, the acting is solid all around, and the fact that Conyers took a familiar premise and attempted to do something different with it makes it all the more worthy of note. It's one of those movies where you can sit back and enjoy the scenes of quiet character development just as much as you can enjoy the scenes with suspense-filled terror.

     —Allen Almachar, THE MACGUFFIN

Imagine Night Of The Living dead crossed with No Exit, gorgeously shot, and shot through with humor so cutting it hurts. That's The Caretaker, the latest proof that vampires are immortal in art. It explores the infuriating tragedy of what makes us human, while delivering a viscerally raw experience in finely calibrated doses. I can't wait to see where Tom Conyers takes me next.

     —Jorge Saralegui, Executive Producer of Independence Day, Speed, +

The only thing that sparkles in new Aussie vampire film THE CARETAKER is its general brilliance.



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