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Product Details

  • An MVD Exclusive
  • Format: VINYL ALBUM
  • SKU: DP085LP
  • UPC: 662425091355
  • Street Date: 03/22/19
  • PreBook Date: 02/01/19
  • Genre: Metal
  • Run Time: 39:28 mins
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • Audio: STEREO
  • Year of Production: 2018
  • Box Lot: 0
  • Territory: US & CANADA
  • Language: English


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Rituals Of The Dead Hand - Blood Oath

The debut album of the Belgian buckriders-cult worshippers on Vinyl! Atmospheric Death/Black. Hemelbestormer members!

Rituals Of The Dead Hand - Blood Oath
  • List Price: $29.99  New Price!
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  • In Stock: YES
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Behind every legend, there's always a tiny bit of truth. While it's obviously still open to debate how much credit one must give to the Buckriders mythos - or 'Bokkenrijders' in their native tongue, the various gangs of thieves or who kept under their thumb the southern part of Holland throughout the 18th century by pretending they had signed a pact with the Devil and rode through the cold northern sky on the back of flying goats - it's still make one hell of story. And the prefect setting for an extreme metal album such as RITUALS OF THE DEAD HAND debut, Blood Oath... This brand new band was put together by two members of Belgian instrumental post-rockers Hemelbestormer, on Vàn Records. After the latter was done writing for their second album, their guitarist Filip Dupont felt the urge to dwell back in the same type of epic black/death genre his former band GORATH had became famed for, especially on their final album The Chronicles of Khiliasmos released in 2012. Recorded throughout 2017 and mastered by Patrick Engel at the Temple of Disharmony studio, Blood Oath is like the audio equivalent of famous 1922 Swedish silent movie Häxan about witchcraft. Far from our now computerized and PC-controlled society, with its four lengthy tracks (ranging from nine to eleven minutes) and very cinematic interlude ('The Gathering') and doomish passages, it takes the listener back into an age where superstition and local folklore still permeated all those small religious communities, with the story being told from the Buckriders' perspective. Actually, the cover artwork is a custom made painting of and old tree nearby their hometown where the vilains were said to gather around before launching another of their killing spree. So, truth or legend? Simple folklore or further proof that the Devil is always lurking somewhere in the shadow, especially behind man's vilest deeds? Whatever your answer is, one thing is sure: with Blood Oath, the Buckriders will ride again!

Track Listing

    • Bonderkuil
    • Sworn
    • The Gathering
    • They Rode By Night
    • The Scourge

    Sales Points

    • Mastered by Patrick W. Engel at TEMPLE OF DISHARMONY in April 2018.
    • Members of belgian HEMELBESTORMER.
    • 180g (Heavy Vinyl), 300gsm Cover, Insert, Black Paperbag, Poster in A2 format, Silver-Print
    • The dark stories of the buckriders-cult which were active in the territory between Germany,Belgium and The Netherlands.

    Press Quotes

    'The fuzz and hum of the guitars reach unbearable levels before the track finally breaks and unleashes hordes of hellish heaviness to wash over humanity.' 8/10

         —Gbhbl.com (UK)


         —Scream Magazine (N)

    7,5 / 10,0

         —Deaf Forever (DE)


         —Addergebroed (NL)

    'Rituals Of The Dead Hand did a great in 'Blood Oath' with moods. Their message was understood. Everyone can feel the pain, anger, anguish, and rebellion within each song. That's really the deal.'

         —Metal Addicts (UK)

    7,5 / 10,0

         —Rock Hard (DE)


         —Rock Tribune (B)


         —United Rock Nations (F)

    7,5 / 10,0

         —Imperiumi (FI)


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