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Product Details

  • An MVD Exclusive
  • SKU: SEV14277UH
  • Format: 4K Ultra HD
  • UPC: 760137142775
  • Street Date: 01/30/24
  • PreBook Date: 11/07/23
  • Label: Severin Films »
  • Genre: Horror
  • Run Time: 610 mins
  • Number of Discs: 8
  • Audio: STEREO
  • Year of Production: 1964
  • Region Code: 1
  • Box Lot:
  • Territory: NORTH AMERICA
  • Language: Italian


Cast & Crew

  • Actors:
  •       Franco Belotti
  •       Walter Zarghetta
  •       Barbara Steele as Elisabeth Blackwood
  •       Georges Rivière as Alan Foster
  •       Margrete Robsahm as Julia Alert
  •       Arturo Dominici as Dr. Carmus
  •       Silvano Tranquilli as Edgar Allan Poe
  •       Sylvia Sorrente as Elsi Perkings
  •       Umberto Raho as Lord Thomas Blackwood
  •       Giovanni Cianfriglia as Herbert
  •       Benito Stefanelli as William
  •       Johnny Walters
  •       Miranda Poggi
  •       Giorgio Albertazzi as Dr. Henry Jekyll / Edward Hyde
  •       Bianca Toccafondi as Paula Poole
  •       Ugo Cardea as Dr. Robert Lèvy
  •       Ursula Davis as Ingrid
  •       Bob Balchus
  •       Sten Braafheid
  •       Claudio Gora as Professor Hastie Lanyon
  •       Marina Berti as Barbara Utterson
  •       Anita Bartolucci
  •       Penny Brown as Penny
  •       Fabio Gamma
  •       Delia D'Alberti
  •       Mariella Furgiuele as Lanyon's Secretary
  •       Maria Marchi as Mrs. Bradshaw
  •       Varo Soleri as Frank Bradshaw
  •       Gabriele Tozzi
  •       Adolfo Celi as Giovanni Nosferatu
  •       Geraldine Hooper as Corinna
  •       Giuliano Esperati as Alberto Valle
  •       Francesca Modigliani as Laura
  •       Lorenzo Rapazzini
  •       Claudio Trionfi
  •       Pio Buscaglione
  •       Giulio Flores Perasso
  •       Amedeo Tommasi
  •       Salvadore Cantagalli
  •       Luigi Garetto
  •       Rosalba Bongiovanni
  •       Guglielmo Molasso
  •       Wladimiro Nemo
  •       Marisa Randisi Salice
  •       Edmund Purdom as Gunther
  •       Rosalba Neri as Helga
  •       Robert Woods as Helmuth
  •       Ferdinando Poggi as Hans
  •       Carla Mancini
  •       Maria Teresa Pingitore as Magda
  •       Spartaco Conversi as Johan
  •       Laura De Benedittis
  •       Giovanna Di Vita
  •       Francesca Lionti
  •       Bruna Olivieri
  •       Maria Teresa Pietrangeli
  •       Massimiliano Roy
  •       Maria Vianello
  •       John Benedy
  • Director: Antonio Margheriti
  • Director: Giorgio Albertazzi
  • Director: Corrado Farina
  • Director: Paolo Lombardo
  • Producer: Giovanni Addessi
  • Producer: Dick Randall
  • Producers: Giovanni Addessi


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Danza Macabra Volume Two: The Italian Gothic Collection

In this 2nd collection of Italian Gothic shockers, you're invited to enter cobweb-shrouded worlds of violence, madness and sexual deviance.

Danza Macabra Volume Two: The Italian Gothic Collection
  • List Price: $134.95  
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  • In Stock: 46
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In this second collection of Italian Gothic shockers, you're invited to grab your candelabra and enter cobweb-shrouded worlds of violence, madness and sexual deviance that remain unmatched in genre history: Gothic goddess Barbara Steele stars in Antonio Margheriti's certified masterpiece CASTLE OF BLOOD and its Italian version DANZA MACABRA, both restored and scanned in 4K and presented in UHD for the first time ever. JEKYLL is 1969's award-winning four-part RAI-TV sceneggiati from writer/director/star Giorgio Albertazzi that contemporizes the classic tale of man's darkest impulses. Writer/director Corrado Farina reinvents the Dracula legend as a modern-day capitalist conspiracy with his startling and long out-of-print 1971 debut THEY HAVE CHANGED THEIR FACE. And a sizzling Rosalba Neri is seduced by Satan himself in 1972's THE DEVIL'S LOVER, finally available restored and uncut. All four titles are now presented in their North American Premieres, newly mastered from the best available elements with over 13 collective hours of Special Features.


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Bonus Materials

  • DANZA MACABRA Audio Commentary With Rod Barnett Of NaschyCast And The Bloody Pit, And Dr. Adrian Smith, Co-Author Of Norman J. Warren: Gentleman of Terror
  • CASTLE OF BLOOD Selected Scene Commentary With Actress Barbara Steele And Barbara Steele Archivist Russ Lanier
  • Exploring The Castle Of Blood – Interview With Stephen Thrower, Author Of Books On Jess Franco And Lucio Fulci
  • The Director Who Didn't Like Blood – Interview With Edoardo Margheriti, Son Of Director Antonio Margheriti
  • Enigmatic Elegance: Unveiling The Haunting Legacy Of Barbara Steele In The Italian Gothic – Video Essay By Rachael Nisbet, Film Critic And Co-Host Of Fragments Of Fear
  • Return To The Castle – Location Featurette
  • Antonio Margheriti Remembers CASTLE OF BLOOD And Barbara Steele
  • Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Albertazzi – Interview With Actor Giuliano Disperati
  • Building The World Of JEKYLL - Interview With Set Designer Emanuele Taglietti
  • The Double Spiral Staircase Of Jekyll And Hyde - Video Essay By Film Scholar Joseph Dwyer
  • THEY HAVE CHANGED THEIR FACE Audio Commentary With Director Corrado Farina Moderated By Alberto Farina
  • THEY HAVE CHANGED THEIR FACE Audio Commentary With Kat Ellinger, Author of Daughters Of Darkness
  • The Farina Method – Interview With Film Critic Alberto Farina, Son Of Director Corrado Farina
  • Bloodsucking Capitalists – Interview With Actor Giuliano Disperati And Editor/Screenwriter Giulio Berruti
  • Outtakes Of De Sade
  • Three Short Films By Corrado Farina
  • PRAISED BE MY LORD – Documentary Directed By Corrado Farina (84 mins)
  • Commercials Directed By Corrado Farina
  • THE DEVIL'S LOVER Audio Commentary With Annie Rose Malamet, Film Scholar And Host Of Girls, Guts, Giallo
  • Lady Of The Night: The Feminism Of Rosalba Neri – Video Essay By Alexandra Heller-Nicholas, Author Of The Giallo Canvas
  • Out Of The Woods – Interview With Actor Robert Woods
  • THE DEVIL'S LOVER Soundtrack CD

Sales Points

  • For fans of WEB OF THE SPIDER
  • For fans of BABA YAGA
  • For fans of Italian gothic horror films
  • For fans of BLACK SUNDAY
  • For fans of NIGHTMARE CASTLE

Press Quotes

Italian Gothic Horror was a mixture of transgression and excess. It was a laboratory where all the elements that would characterize Italian exploitation cinema were first tested.

     —Roberto Curti, Italian Gothic Horror Films

CASTLE OF BLOOD: A definitive Italian gothic... A marvelously atmospheric thriller and one of the best Italian horror films of the decade.

     —DVD Beaver

CASTLE OF BLOOD: A classic of the genre... Antonio Margheriti's most highly regarded film bears admirable comparison to the similar works of Mario Bava.

     —Mondo Digital

CASTLE OF BLOOD: One of the best Italian horror films of the decade... It's a marvelously atmospheric gothic thriller, and quite properly made the enchantingly spooky Steele even more of a horror icon.

     —All Movie

CASTLE OF BLOOD: One of the greatest ghost stories in Italian cinema... Dripping with Gothic atmosphere, boasting positively Bava-esque cinematography and featuring a mesmerizing performance by Barbara Steele.

     —Mad Mad Mad Mad Movies

CASTLE OF BLOOD: Barbara Steele is amazing... A great gothic horror film with a wonderful cast and some of the best atmospheric camera work to come out of 1960s Italy.

     —Rock! Shock! Pop!

CASTLE OF BLOOD: Classic and classy... One of Barbara Steele's most impressive vehicles, and a cornerstone of the Euro Horror Renaissance.

     —DVD Savant

CASTLE OF BLOOD: A surprisingly sexual slice of Italian gothic horror.

     —Morbidly Beautiful

JEKYLL: A thought-provoking work... Albertazzi took Gothic imagery and reinvented Stevenson's fable. It was unlike anything that had ever been seen on television.

     —Roberto Curti, Italian Gothic Horror Films 1957-1969

JEKYLL: A unique transposition... Director/star Albertazzi sets Stevenson's tale in modern times and switches from Jekyll to Hyde with astonishing ease.

     —Pragma Magazine

THEY HAVE CHANGED THEIR FACE: Astounding... Cleverly written, well-acted and excellently shot. Farina keeps a sense of tension running through the entire film.

     —Taliesin Meets The Vampires

THEY HAVE CHANGED THEIR FACE: Extraordinary... A rather unique interpretation of the classic story by Bram Stoker that seems more topical today than ever.

     —Italo Cinema

THEY HAVE CHANGED THEIR FACE: Lucid and ferocious... Corrado Farina's miraculous reinterpretation of the vampire myth will live in your head long after the film is over.

     —Cinema Italiano Database

THEY HAVE CHANGED THEIR FACE: One of the oddest adaptations of Bram Stoker's Dracula... Corrado Farina's film is committed to the creepy, with a version of Castle Dracula that is one of the cinema's most unsettling.

     —Kim Newman

THE DEVIL'S LOVER: Unsavory and entertaining... There's fun to be had for fans of Satanic EuroHorror and Italian goddess Rosalba Neri. She's a delightful and evocative presence.

     —At The Mansion Of Madness

THE DEVIL'S LOVER: Quite enjoyable... Fun and entertaining gothic horror. Rosalba Neri smolders!

     —Cult Movies

THE DEVIL'S LOVER: Definitely entertaining... A mishmash of Satanic horror, sex, torture, and low-cut gowns. If you can't get enough of Rosalba Neri, check this one out.

     —Doomed Moviethon


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