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Product Details

  • An MVD Exclusive
  • Format: CD
  • SKU: IPM8054
  • UPC: 093791805428
  • Street Date: 05/04/18
  • PreBook Date: 03/30/18
  • Label: Steven Halpern's Inner Peace Music »
  • Genre: New Age
  • Run Time: 79:50 mins
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • Year of Production: 2018
  • Box Lot: 25
  • Territory: WORLD
  • Language: English


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Steven Halpern - Crystal Bowl Healing 2.0

Halpern's combination of crystal bowls, Rhodes electric piano, create a new gold standard in the sound healing field.

Steven Halpern - Crystal Bowl Healing 2.0
  • List Price: $14.99  
  • Your Price: $12.74
  • In Stock: YES
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Crystal Bowl Healing 2.0 combines the healing tones of two primary sound healing instruments into a highly listenable, accessible, and effective resource for relaxation, meditation and healing. Crystal Tones (tm) proprietary gem and precious metal infused bowls add a new dimension of sound healing to Halpern's orchestrations. (Replaces IPM 8052 Crystal Bowl Healing 2012) The luminous healing tones of the Rhodes electric piano and ethereal keyboards create a magical sonic tapestry that entrains the listener into the meditative alpha and theta brainwave states that so many individuals seek for their own optimal health and spiritual well being. Crystal bowls were used in ancient Egypt and recently have become a popular and growing sub-genre in the sound healing market. The audiophile production values of this album let the listener feel like they are literally in the room with over $10,000 of crystal bowls. They are featured on their own, as well as expertly arranged with multi-layered keyboards to create to create the most sophisticated and artistically inspired crystal bowl recording on the market today. Individuals and crystal bowl groups will want to add this album to their library to accompany their personal singing bowls for heightened experiences.

Track Listing

  • Crystal Temple
  • Crystal Angels 2.0
  • Crystal Karma 2.0
  • Crystal Om 2.0
  • Crystal City
  • Crystal Light
  • Crystal Chakra
  • Crystal Ocean 2.0
  • Crystal Chalice 2.0
  • Crystal Bowl Healing 2.0
  • Practitioner's Bowl 2.0
  • Crystal Vowels 2.0
  • Golden Alchemy 2.0
  • Egyptian Blue Infinity 2.0
  • Ruby Crystal 2.0
  • Crystal Tuning Forks 2.0
  • Aqua 24-K Gold
  • Crystal Buddha 2.0
  • Crystal Pyramid 2.0

Sales Points

  • Recommended companion albums are Halpern's Grammy nominated Deep Alpha, Deep Theta, Chakra Suite and Sound Healing 2.0
  • Sure to please long time fans and attract many new listeners who seek effective and enjoyable sound healing resources
  • This audiophile recording combines Halpern's iconic keyboards with gem infused crystal bowls
  • Halpern's previous crystal bowl albums have been consistent best-sellers
  • Stunning production values deliver superior sound quality for maximum healing benefits and listening pleasure
  • Over 7,500,000 albums sold worldwide since 1975
  • Steven Halpern is widely recognized as the world's leading composer of healing music

Press Quotes

Halpern's combination of crystal bowls, Rhodes electric piano, and ethereal keyboards create a new gold standard in the sound healing field.

     —Mark Becker, New Life Magazine


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