MVD 101

Who’s who, deadlines, and more

MVD Digital is a full service digital aggregator for music and movies, exclusively representing a vast catalog of audio and visual content for worldwide distribution.

We work directly with major platforms (such as Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, Google, Amazon, InDemand) and great independent platforms (FandangoNOW, Roku, Tubi, MUBI, Night Flight, Vudu,, IndieFlix) and hundreds more. MVD actively pursues qualified emerging platforms for both video and audio, adding new trade partners ongoing, while nurturing existing relationships.

The MVD Team

Ed Seaman, General Manager
610-650-8200 x105
Rob Hyman, Digital Sales
610-650-8200 x106
Andy Perseponko, Vendor Liaison
610-650-8200 x101
Dave Hall, VP Operations
610-650-8200 x102
Rachel Nordmark, VP Sales
610-650-8200 x111
Sabrina Watson, Director of Label Relations
Pam Baldwin, Digital Coordinator
610-650-8200 x109
Chris Callahan, VP Digital
610-650-8200, x103
Dan Gurlitz, Digital Sales & Documentary Acquisitions
Eric Wilkinson, Director of Home Video Sales and Acquisitions
Forrest Faubion, Director of Label Relations
Tiffany Bafile, Graphics & Asset Manager
610-650-8200 x110
Derek Stubinski, Marketing & Publicity Coordinator
610-650-8200 x115
Ryan Merrick, Technology Director
610-650-8200 x121
David Kresge, Sales Rep
610-650-8200 x107
Larry Germack, Sales Rep
Bill Holdsworth, Sales Rep
610-650-8200 x112
Pat Orlando, Sales & Marketing Data Coordinator
610-650-8200 x124
Micah Smith, Credit Manager
Will Morgan, Inventory Manager
610-650-8200 x117
Eve Edwards, Accounts Payable
610-650-8200 x113
Brian Turner, Warehouse Manager
610-650-8200 x104
Chris Drossos, Sales Rep
Zach Fischel, VP of Label Relations and Marketing
610-650-8200 x108
Audrey Faine, Publicity & Marketing Director

Product Setup Deadlines

The MVD Release Schedule lists the remaining setup deadlines for the year. Note that there are two street dates per setup deadline: one for music titles, and one for non-music video titles. The music street date applies to CDs, music DVD and music Blu-ray. Video requires a longer lead time than music.

MVD Release Schedule

Assets Required by the Setup Deadline

MVD requires the following by the setup deadline. We cannot setup your title if we don’t receive all of these assets by the setup deadline.

  • Front cover art: A high-res (3000 pixels wide), flat (not 3-D or box view) JPG of the front cover art. This must be the final cover art (not the poster or other promotional artwork) and should not include any logos, URLs, credit blocks, or anything aside from the title and key art.
  • A great setup: Help MVD better pitch your title by providing the following:
    • Synopsis: 400 words describing the who, what, where, why and when. A strong synopsis includes:
      • Intro: Key info should be in the first 2 sentences. State exactly what the product is. Film, documentary or performance? If a performance, where and when filmed?
      • Product-specific info: What does it include? Hit songs, special interviews or a performance from a notable actor?
      • Background info: Why is this artist or film/documentary relevant?
      • Conclusion: What is the benefit of seeing or hearing this?
    • Tagline: A 120 character summary of the title -- or the "elevator pitch."
    • Extras: Bonus features, such as trailers, outtakes or commentary.
    • Press quotes: Brief excerpts from strong reviews.
    • Sales points: Selling points such as why relevant, special guests, an upcoming tour/release, a marketing/press push accompanying the release, or a notable social media following.
    • Trailer or clip: Provide a YouTube ID for the trailer or a SoundCloud URL for an audio clip.
    • Track listing: For music-related titles.
    • Examples of well setup titles: Music-related DVD, CD, Documentary
  • MVD also requires specific digital master and digital art files by the setup deadline.


Product Setup Tutorial

Check out the below videos for a walkthrough on how to setup your video or audio title.

Video release setup:

Audio release setup: