MVD 101

Who’s who, deadlines, and much more

As MVD represents, exploits, markets and distributes our label partners to distributors in markets outside of the U.S.

Our services enable artists, managers, labels and content owners to properly setup and release their products into official distribution outside of the U.S. market as a turnkey solution. From product pricing and placement, logistics, sales, licensing and distribution management along with reporting and payments, MVD delivers additional income from markets abroad.

The MVD Team

Ed Seaman, General Manager
610-650-8200 x105
Chris Callahan,VP of Label Relations
610-650-8200, x103
Sabrina Watson, Director of Label Relations
Dave Hall, VP Operations
610-650-8200 x102
Rachel Nordmark, VP Sales
610-650-8200 x111
Andy Perseponko, Vendor Liaison
610-650-8200 x101
Pam Baldwin, Digital Coordinator
610-650-8200 x109
Clint Weiler, Publicity & Marketing Director
610-650-8200 x115
Ryan Merrick, Technology Director
610-650-8200 x121
Tiffany Bafile, Graphics & Asset Manager
610-650-8200 x110
Eric Wilkinson, Director of Home Video Sales and Acquisitions
Rob Hyman, Digital Sales Director, Sales Rep
610-650-8200 x106
Billy Holdsworth, Sales Rep
610-650-8200 x112
Larry Germack, Sales Rep
610-650-8200 x110
Will Morgan, Warehouse Manager
610-650-8200 x117
Eve Edwards, Accounts Payable
610-650-8200 x113

Product Setup Deadlines

The MVD Release Schedule lists the remaining setup deadlines for the year. Note that there are two street dates per setup deadline: one for music titles, and one for non-music video titles. The music street date applies to CDs, music DVD and music Blu-ray. Video requires a longer lead time than music.

MVD Release Schedule